Frequently Asked Questions

How do IQF fresh frozen herbs get from field to freezer?

The SupHerb Farms process is simple. Harvested at the peak of ripeness, herbs and vegetables are then transported to our plant in Turlock, California, where they are offloaded, cleaned, washed, frozen and then packaged for nationwide distribution. This all occurs within hours of harvest, and only the choice part of the herb makes its way into the package.

Is IQF fresh frozen safer than fresh?

We follow strict processes that begin in our fields, continue during IQF fresh frozen processing and packaging, through offsite warehousing and shipment to you. Every ingredient we put our name on is of the highest quality, safe for consumption, free from adulteration and meets all applicable federal, state and local laws. Every lot # is tested for Salmonella, Listeria and E.coli and our sanitation tanks are verified at least 4 times per shift.

How do I use IQF fresh frozen herbs?

The product must be kept frozen and used frozen.
Because of their small surface area fresh frozen herbs defrost rapidly. To use, simply sprinkle the herbs directly out of the package or measure and use according to your needs. Remember to return the unused product back into the freezer as quickly as possible. If you require frequent use over a short period of time, it is recommended that you place the herbs in an insulated cooler that can be placed near the work area.

Can I get a custom product or custom pack size?

Yes, you can!
Contact your broker or sales rep to learn how.

What is IQF?

IQF (Individually Quick-Frozen) is a lightning fast freezing method that does not allow large ice crystals to form in herb and vegetable and cells, allowing them to keep their integrity and nutritional quality. Each piece is individually frozen and the particles do not clump together. This helps avoid a frozen solid block as the final product.

Who is my Broker / Sales Manager?

You can find your nearest Broker and Sales Manager HERE.

How do I substitute fresh frozen herbs for fresh or dry?

When replacing fresh herbs, we recommend using the same amount of fresh frozen herbs as you would for fresh prepared herbs (after you have cleaned and de-stemmed the fresh). However, you may find that you can actually use less fresh frozen herbs due to their increased density.

The general rule of thumb when replacing dried herbs is one and one-half to two times more fresh frozen herbs. You may find that you require slightly more or less fresh frozen herbs, which is dependent on your specific application and desired flavor.