New Products

Introducing our newest global flavors…

Aji Pesto

This sweet and tangy Peruvian pesto adds vibrancy in color and flavor to any dish. With its bright notes of cilantro, mild onion and touch of peppery heat, it enhances anything from rice to seafood and meats. Or, simply mix it with ranch dressing for a twist on aioli.


A Moroccan herb sauce that offers a delicious balance of cilantro and fresh parsley notes with mild garlic and a bite of heat. It pairs beautifully with grilled fish or seafood, though its uses are limitless. Try mixing with yogurt for a twist on chicken salad or salad dressing.


Originating in Yemeni cuisines, this popular hot sauce is now used in many parts of the Middle East. With its vibrant and full-bodied combination of jalapeños, savory garlic and herbs it adds spice and flavor to any dish. Use it alone or as a sauce for meats, burgers, egg dishes, grains or salads.

Tabbouleh Starter

Aromatic blend of freshly harvested herbs, tomatoes, green onion and garlic. Combine with bulgar or quinoa for a fresh from-the-garden tabbouleh salad or use it in a non-traditional way by adding it directly to tacos or combined with olive oil for a delicious and herbaceous take on salad dressing.