Our Culture

The SupHerb Farms Way

Our Mission

To enhance the daily eating experience with consistently high quality and fresh tasting specialty culinary ingredient solutions.

Our Vision

Through our passion for service, excellence, and creativity, we are North America’s preferred supplier of specialty culinary ingredient solutions.


Our Values

Put Customers First

Strive for total customer satisfaction in everything we do.

Act with Integrity

Build relationships with our customers, employees and communities based on honesty, trust and respect.

Appreciate Our People

Value everyone’s unique efforts and contributions while creating a challenging and fulfilling work environment.

Deliver Excellence

Continually innovate as we challenge the status quo to achieve exceptional results.

Powered by Many, Acting as One

Employ a team focused approach to creating solutions.


The Power of Herbs & Spices

Not only do herbs and spices provide amazing taste, smell and aesthetics in our food and drinks, they provide many functional benefits. Due to this fact and that many people want to reduce salt intake, many everyday herbs and spices are experiencing an increase in usage. Finding innovative ways to incorporate herbs and spices into your products or on your menu is key, and it’s easier than you may think. Many herbs and spices have multiple functional benefits to call out and educate your customers on.