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SupHerb Farms response to COVID-19

Coronavirus Update & Precautions

The SupHerb Farms Team has been closely monitoring the guidance of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control regarding the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Our focus is to ensure we meet customer needs while doing our part to ensure the safety of our employees and products.

In addition to following all government guidelines and taking precautionary steps to do what we can to prevent the further spread of the virus, our leadership team is meeting on a daily basis to review and assess the situation.

We are working through these times together and with constant communication. SupHerb Farms is grateful to our associates, our customers, our communities, and our business partners, as we collectively try to navigate through these uncertain times and support one another.

Here are some specific actions we have implemented:

  • Daily company-wide updates to all members of the company.
  • Daily screening questionnaire and contact-free temperature check upon entry into our facilities.
  • All employees are now required to wear a mask when around other employees.
  • Offering a temporary Catastrophe Pay Program for employees.
  • Limiting non-essential travel and meetings.
  • Remote arrangements for all office employees.
  • Implemented a Gratitude Pay Program for individuals in the processing plant and agricultural operations.
  • Stopped allowing contractors and vendors on-site.
  • Limiting non-essential visitors and audits.
  • Retraining on employee health awareness and best practices.
  • Ensuring product, packaging and personal protection equipment is available at a normal level.
  • Updating contingency plans to ensure continued production in case of a local outbreak.
  • Implemented social distancing rules in Breakroom/Lunch areas by reconfiguring and marking areas to ensure < 10 people per area
  • Increased number of Hand Sanitizer Stations in common areas.
  • Mandatory hourly hand-washing.
  • Mandatory shift start sanitization of stations.
  • Daily wellness checks of employees to decrease exposure risk.
  • Enhanced common-area cleaning and disinfection.
  • Taking temperatures of any associate, visitor, or contractor who plans to come into the facility

Company Updates


We continue to be indebted to our front-line associates who show up every day at the facility ready to work in the face of the COVID-19 threat. In appreciation of the efforts of our frontline associates, we will be continuing the Temporary COVID-19 Gratitude Pay through the end of December 2020.


As the safety of employees is our top priority, we continue to analyze all PPE measures and constantly look for areas for improvement.  To enhance safety, we utilize a single-entry checkpoint where employees receive a temperature check from a state of the art temperature scanner. Not only is our new temperature scanner more accurate than standard infrared temporal thermometers. After passing the temperature check, each employee and essential visitor must answer critical health screening questions. These questions are utilized to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 from entering the facility and helps to ensure our employees are feeling well. During this screening, if anyone were to answer “Yes” to any of the questions, they will be turned away and not allowed to enter the facility.


In appreciation of the efforts of our frontline associates, we will be continuing the Temporary COVID-19 Gratitude Pay through the end of September 2020. In addition to masks and hand sanitizer for our associates, we will be providing thermometers for our associates to take with them to take their temperatures at home if needed.


We are implementing a Pandemic Color Grid that will let everyone know what the company requirements and/or restrictions are for the various levels of pandemic outbreak seriousness. We will continue to implement best practice processes to keep improving the safety of everyone on-site.


For the 4th of July weekend, we created take-home gift packs containing a box of disposable masks, hand sanitizer, and a SupHerb Farms gaiter mask. We also included literature on the value of face masks and hand washing.


We appreciate all our front-line associates who leave their homes every day and demonstrate their commitment to our company. In appreciation of their continuing efforts, we are continuing the Temporary COVID-19 Gratitude Pay through July 31st for all front-line associates.


For the next 6 months, all associates currently working from home will continue to do so until the end of this year. The tools for video conferencing have resulted in a new way to approach work and the ability to be successful.


All associates are wearing shields and masks to use them as they actively work at the facility. Temperature checks are going smoothly for anyone coming on-site; social distancing is still a big key to our success in keeping the virus out and personal and common area sanitation is working very well. We are very fortunate to have a safe and effective work environment for all those who cannot do their job from home.

These restrictions will continue at least through May 31 and updates will be provided as more information becomes available. We are still trying to keep the virus out of the facility and limiting the number of people who come to the facility is one of the best ways to minimize exposure.


For the added protection of everyone and in an attempt to keep the virus out of our facility, we will begin a new process of taking temperatures of any associate, visitor or contractor who plans to come into the plant and offices. If someone’s temperature is above 100°F they will be asked to return home.


The Executive Team has decided to share a special thanks to our employees on the frontlines by implementing a COVID-19 “Gratitude Pay” program for individuals in the processing plant and agricultural operations.

These individuals leave their loved ones and come into work every day, knowing all risks involved and for that, we are truly grateful. Our Plant and Field associates keep the lines running so that SupHerb Farms can continue to provide quality products to our customers. To say their dedication is appreciated is an understatement.


Each and every person at SupHerb Farms has been a tremendous part of allowing all day-to-day activities to keep flowing smoothly. Everyone is working together to keep everything running smoothly – we are truly “Powered by Many, Acting as One!”

When it comes to supporting each other, our customers and the company, SupHerb Farms is all in. Every member has been helpful in successfully transitioning to a work-from-home model and keeping daily communication throughout our supply chain.


The leadership team has been meeting daily since Monday (3/16/20) addressing the ever-changing situation. We have pretty much set aside our normal daily activities to deal with the COVID-19 crisis and the impact to our business.

We have launched a new internal “Crisis Management” website so that our associates can stay informed.


California Governor Gavin Newsome just made the announcement that the entire state of California is officially on “Stay at Home Order”. What does that mean for us?

Food processors have been deemed an “essential” business and therefore we are still operating as usual.  We have already had as many associates as possible begin to work from home, but many of our associates continue to work either in the field or at the plant.

We are committed to continuing operations to ensure our products are available for all our customers and ultimately our consumers.


Out of an abundance of caution for the health of our associates and the health of the business, during the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak SupHerb Farms is implementing a mandatory temporary remote, work-from-home arrangements for employees whose job duties are conducive to working from home.

We are currently taking the following precautions at SupHerb Farms:

  • Communicating regularly to inform everyone what is changing; this is a very dynamic situation and we are trying to deal with near constant changes daily, even hourly.
  • Non-essential associates are being required to work from home to reduce the chance of spreading the virus to essential associates.
  • Standard work for social distancing is always being put into place to maintain at least a 6-foot distance from one another; this may prove difficult, but please make your best effort and remind others.
  • Education of all non-SHF personnel (contractors, drivers, suppliers, etc.) on SHF new policies and guidelines; please help hold our visitors accountable to the rules and policies
  • All supervisors will be doing wellness checks to make sure everyone is healthy and should be on site.
  • Cleaning – we will be cleaning common areas, but please keep your workspace clean and sanitary by using wipes periodically.


With the rapidly changing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation and based upon an abundance of caution and care for the health and safety of our SupHerb Farms work family, we have decided to implement a temporary catastrophe pay program so that employees will not have to choose between work and taking care of themselves and their families. Any SupHerb Farms employee who has been diagnosed, or is caring for an immediate family member who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, or who is subject to mandatory quarantines will be allowed up to 14 days of catastrophe pay to enable them to be off work.


As the information on the virus is fluid, our leadership team is meeting multiple times per week to review and assess the situation.

We have implemented the following guidelines to limit the risk of spreading of obtaining the virus:

  • Limiting non-essential travel and meetings.
  • Limiting non-essential visitors and audits.
  • Retraining on employee health awareness.
    • Staying home if an acute respiratory illness is perceived or if the employee has a fever over 100°F.
    • Must be clear of fever and symptoms 24 hours prior to returning to work.
  • Enhanced common-area cleaning and disinfection.
  • Enhanced visitor screening (including contractors) for wellness.
  • Ensuring product, packaging and personal protection equipment is available at a normal level for all our products.
  • Reviewing contingency plans to ensure continued production in case of a local outbreak.


With the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the widespread nature of seasonal influenza (Flu) virus, we are taking proactive steps to address concerns and ensure we are maintaining a safe workplace environment.

We ask all employees to cooperate in taking steps to reduce the transmission of communicable diseases in the workplace. Employees are reminded of the following:

  • Isolation: Stay home if you are sick to avoid infecting your co-workers. It’s the early infection that is especially contagious, don’t wait until you feel really sick to go home. Notify your supervisor if you have symptoms of a fever or acute respiratory illness (flu symptoms).
  • Handwashing: Frequent washing of hands with antibacterial soap and water for at least 20 seconds is the standard for killing these respiratory viruses. If you make contact with someone or something that may be contaminated, wash your hands before touching your own eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • Cover your mouth: If you cough, cover your mouth with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hand) to prevent generating infectious air droplets, while not contaminating your hand. Remember to wash your hands prior to continuing regular activities.
  • Avoid people who are sick with respiratory symptoms.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Sanitize work surfaces and electronics to ensure the environment is clean (ex. Cell Phones, Radios, Keyboards, etc.).
  • The best thing you can do is to keep your immune system healthy by eating right, exercising, and getting enough rest.


Our overseas suppliers are back to production on a limited schedule.  The workforce is slow to return to work as they remain cautious.

The China supply-chain is impacted as suppliers to our Supply Partners are also working through limited human resources.  We continue to be confident in our position and remain diligent in monitoring the situation daily.


Regarding growing concerns over the Coronavirus, SupHerb Farms is continuing to gather information about the virus and its potential impact to our products originating from China. Our current understanding of the virus is detailed below:

  • The primary location of SupHerb Farms’ Chinese supplier base is in the Shandong Province which has not been impacted by the Coronavirus at this time.
  • There have been no indications that vegetable products can be a carrier of respiratory disease.
  • The Coronavirus has been determined to spread from person to person and has also been found in animals.
  • The Coronavirus is passed through respiratory pathways. There is no current vaccine, but it is treatable.

SupHerb Farms sources only single-ingredient fresh frozen herb and vegetable products that are sliced, diced or whole from China. SupHerb Farms only sources products from well-known and established food processors that have met our rigorous qualification programs including 3rd party audits and frequent inspections by SupHerb Farms personnel. Each lot of every item in our line is thoroughly tested by certified laboratories and must pass several strict chemical, physical, and microbiological tests before being released for sale.

We are confident that we have the appropriate controls in place to ensure that every ingredient we put our name on is of the highest quality and is guaranteed safe for consumption.