Your Frequently Asked Questions


What is IQF?

IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) is a lightning-fast freezing method that prevents large ice crystals from forming on your herbs and vegetables, securing the integrity and nutritional quality of our products. Each piece is individually frozen so the particles do not clump together, which helps to avoid a frozen solid block as the final product.

What makes IQF better than fresh?

It all comes down to consistency and flavor. Using IQF products ensures 100% yield, flavor consistency, cut size, year-round availability, pricing, and labor savings. Fresh herbs lose nutritional value after 48 hours, and this often occurs during travel to market. IQF locks in nutritional value and flavor during freezing, ensuring a long shelf life.

What makes IQF better than freeze-dried?

IQF products do not lose their true aroma, flavor, color, natural oils, or texture, and have a much more fresh flavor profile.

How do SHF products get from field to freezer?

Our process is simple. Harvested at peak ripeness, our herbs and vegetables are transported to our plant where they are offloaded, cleaned, washed, frozen, and packaged for nationwide distribution (with only the choice parts of the herbs and vegetables making their way into the package). This all occurs within hours of harvest, ensuring peak freshness and year-round availability for our herbs and specialty vegetables.

Are SupHerb Farms products clean-label?

Our products are clean-label and always made with natural ingredients– no GMO, gluten-containing ingredients, artificial ingredients, or added colors are used.
Read more about our clean label practices. 

Does SupHerb Farms practice sustainable agricultural and manufacturing processes?

Yes, we practice sustainable agriculture and manufacturing processes. We are GLOBAL G.A.P. and SQF certified. Read more on our sustainability, food safety and facility pages.

Are SupHerb Farms products organic?

We offer organic IQF basil, cilantro, and parsley in a variety of cut sizes. Our organic products are certified through Oregon Tilth.

Are SupHerb Farms products kosher?

Contact us to view a list of kosher items or take a look at our product pages.

Is your processing facility gluten-free?

We are a gluten-free processing facility.

Are SupHerb Farms products vegan? 

Most of our products are vegan.

What is the shelf life of your products?

SupHerb Farms products have a minimum of 2 years frozen shelf life, depending on the product. Refrigerated shelf life (pastes/purées only) can be viewed on individual product data sheets.

Can I get a custom product or pack size?

Yes, you can! Visit our custom solutions page.

What’s the difference between blanched and unblanched products?

Our blanching process is primarily utilized to deactivate enzymes that can cause color change when thawed. So, when you are looking for longer-lasting color, blanching may be the choice for you.

Does SupHerb Farms co-pack?

No, SupHerb Farms does not co-pack.


How do I substitute IQF herbs for fresh or dry?

For fresh, we recommend using the same amount of IQF herbs as you would for freshly prepared herbs (after being cleaned and de-stemmed). However, you may find that you can actually use less fresh frozen herbs due to their increased density.

For dry, the general rule of thumb when replacing dried herbs with fresh frozen herbs is to use 1/3 more depending on the flavor intensity they are trying to achieve.

How do I use IQF fresh frozen herbs and blends?

The product(s) must be kept frozen and used frozen.
Because of their small surface area, fresh frozen herbs defrost rapidly. To use IQF herbs and blends properly, sprinkle directly out of the package or measure and use according to your needs, while frozen. For manufacturers, when putting cases into an insulated cooler on the production line is not feasible, manufacturers should only stage the number of cases they will be needing. If they are pre-staging (weighing in portions ahead of use), it is recommended doing the pre-staging in the freezer or in a cold room and making sure the remaining product goes back in the freezer as quickly as possible.

How do I use IQF fresh frozen specialty vegetables?

You can generally replace the amount of fresh vegetables with IQF vegetables using a 1:1 ratio. Use directly from the package and remember to return the unused product back into the freezer ASAP. If you require frequent use over a short period of time, it is recommended that you place IQF products in an insulated cooler available near your production or back of the house line.

How do I use SHF culinary pastes, purées and slurry?

Start with a 5:1 ratio of your base and our paste, purée, or slurry. From there, adjust based on your desired flavor profile. Some of our pastes can be used as standalone sauces, depending on the item and on the application.


Do you sell directly to consumers or through retail?

We currently only serve the industrial and food service markets.

How do I order your products?

For food service, we use Dot Foods to distribute throughout the US and Canada. If you use another distributor, we can still serve you. Please contact your broker/sales to order your products.

For industrial, we use a network of regional brokers. Contact your broker to order.

Do your products need to be shipped frozen?

Yes, our products require frozen transportation.

Who is my Broker / Sales Manager? 

You can find your nearest Broker and Sales Manager on our Broker and Sales Rep page.