The Power of Herbs & Spices

The power of herbs and spices goes beyond just taste, smell and sight. Their ultimate strength lies in their functional capabilities. Functional ingredients have been the big thing to look out for as the definition of health changes. The goal of staying healthy is no longer about what you can remove from your diet (such as fat and calories) but rather what can be added, and herbs and spices are known to provide a plethora of functional benefits.

  • 61% of consumers are willing to try new herbs and spices that they’re unfamiliar with if they have functional health benefits.
  • 43% of consumers would be most likely to pay more for foods with an energy-boosting functional attribute.
  • The most important functional attribute varies across generations, with Gen Zers placing the greatest importance on energy-boosting attributes and Baby Boomers placing the greater importance on anti-inflammatory descriptors.