Located in the Heart of California's San Joaquin Valley

The San Joaquin Valley is one of the most fertile growing regions in the world. It is here that we take our mission of providing our customers with high-quality, fresh-tasting ingredient solutions to heart. Our facility is strategically designed and equipped with everything needed to produce and deliver fresh-from-the-garden flavor to you. By using our patented fresh frozen process, we lock-in more flavor, color and volatile oils and turn freshly harvested herbs into ready-to-use flavor solutions that include our extensive line of culinary pastes, blends, and purées.


Our Facility At a Glance

  • Located in one of the most fertile growing regions in the world
  • Patented fresh frozen processing
  • Fully equipped quality assurance laboratory
  • Secure manufacturing site
  • Product and menu development
  • Application and technical support
  • Experienced Culinary and R&D Teams
  • Fully equipped R&D laboratory with pilot scale equipment

Food Safety

We Share Your Concerns

Cocktails & Mocktails

Beverages can be applied to current consumer interests and flavor trends easier than you may think. As new global regions are explored and plant-based ingredients arise, a variety of well-known and innovative flavors can bring opportunities for both cocktails and mocktails in restaurants and in products. Creating winning cocktails and mocktails help your bottom line.

cocktails and mocktails whitepaper