Why IQF?

Fresh Flavor Year-Round

Save time, money and labor while enhancing your products and dishes with field fresh flavor

Individual Quick Freezing IQF is a flash-freezing process that is very quick and done within hours of harvesting, conserving nutrients without disturbing the natural characteristics of the product. This process results in a frozen product that has a minimum shelf life of two years and herbs and vegetables that retain the volatile oils, taste and nutrients of their fresh counterpart.



The True Cost of Fresh

IQF has become the industry standard, which has changed consumers’ perception of frozen food. It is now valued for what it is – fresh flavor year-round.

The IQF process freezes our herbs and vegetables without creating large ice crystals that can rupture cell walls and damage the authentic structure. This maintains the product’s integrity, preserving the natural taste as well as the nutritional content, including all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The result is an all-natural product featuring 100% yield and no waste with year-round availability. IQF Culinary Herbs and Specialty Vegetables are ready-to-serve and offer consistent fresh flavor with no preparation time.



Small Changes Today for a Greener Tomorrow

Cocktails & Mocktails

Beverages can be applied to current consumer interests and flavor trends easier than you may think. As new global regions are explored and plant-based ingredients arise, a variety of well-known and innovative flavors can bring opportunities for both cocktails and mocktails in restaurants and in products. Creating winning cocktails and mocktails help your bottom line.

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